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anonymous 3 years ago
No better way to show your love to your man than swallow his cum!
Lmao 3 years ago
That's good source of protein girls!
Chris 3 years ago
What is the girls name at 2:33?
3 years ago
What is the girl's name at 1:27?
Tammy 2 years ago
My best friends husband was so hot that I just had to make a move on him. I swallowed all his cum and would talk nasty to him as I stroked his nice cock, now he’s mine. I just love to taste his warm cum. A little in my coffee always makes my day.
3 years ago
I got fucked good last night
Not Goose Or Gander Here 3 years ago
Big difference in this instance.If you asked ten guys if they would like to eat,lick,tongue a hot,wet,throbbing pussy all ten guy's eyes would light up and and answer ' FUCK YES' but if you asked ten chicks if they would like to suck a hard cock and take a load on the tonsils you'd be lucky to get five chicks that say FUCK YES and actually look forward to it.Not many chicks want JIZZ IN THE MOUTH but they do it for us guys so treat them RIGHT..!!
Nopubez 3 years ago
It's only white chicka that have videos of load swallowing. Filipina, Latinas, black, Arabs, Indian, Chinese and others do swallow cum. Such videos are awesome and I would love to see more of other women that can "showcase their skills".
Jl69 3 years ago
Kiss her make her share
Vikingboy 3 years ago
Dakota Skye drives me crazy sooo sexy.