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3 years ago
Soooo condom for black guy and gets cum om the floor but not for the white guy??
Chill 3 years ago
Chill with the race shit it's a porno
Jui 3 years ago
Condón for black lmao
3 years ago
Maybe she doesn’t like black men. Haha
Busssback 3 years ago
She don't look happy at all like her baby daddy was like I know how to pay rent
3 years ago
That was an aggressive handjob. Like ease up on the grip... you don't have to try to suffocate it.
3 years ago
I want some of that ass
The Condom Thing 3 years ago
I bet you it's not a race thing at all. I'm pretty sure they just ask the dude whether or not they want a condom put on before he sticks his dick in so
Racist silly bitch 2 years ago
Dumb slut
My first time in adult theater 3 years ago
He said that one day I will be so horny and wet from sucking his juicy dick and his thick load shot in my mouth and to let some strangers know that I love swallowing cum and having the taste of sperm all over my mouth and throat makes me horny for more so one day we drove to the next town over and visited a adult theater to make her feel what pleasure she been waiting for was about to happen and as soon as I said to her about wondering how many perfect guys were jerking off inside wishin